Top Row: Dr. Michael Carlebach, Maggy Cuesta, Vernon Grant, Mike Korcek, Wendy Richmond, David Carson, Jud French, Joe Gemignani.
Second Row: Joe Moss, Bruce White, Dr. Jim O'Grady, Bob Swinehart, Dan Boyarski, Milton Glaser, Alan Fletcher, Jose Farinos.
Third Row: Dr. Norman Magden, Larry Kasdan, Federico Sandoval, Cary Groth, Jim Delany, Sven Tumba, Jack Nicklaus, John Montgomery.
Fourth Row: John Wilkes, Jack Hines, Larry Keely, Shawn Reilly, John Raese, Todd Schonhar, Alan Goldfarb, Dale Ramsburg.

Dedication to Excellence

In teaching design for 32 years I have been inspired by artists, creative directors, marketing managers, teachers, photographers, printmakers, sculptors, as well as coaches and athletic directors.

My dedication to teaching has been influenced by these dedicated professionals:

Ben Freedman, Will Peterson and Joe Moss/West Virginia University
George Nocito/New York University
Urban Couch/Cranbrook Academy of the Arts
Dr. William Brown/Penn State University
Peter Charles/Yale University
Cliff Harvey/Minneapolis College of Art & Design
Dr. Norman Magdan/University of Tennessee
Dr. James K. O'Grady/The Royal College of Art, London
Stanley Madeja & Robert Even/Northern Illinois University
Bruce White/Columbia University
Carl Hayano/Kendall College of Art
Leif Allmendinger and Dale Fahnstrom/IIT
Tom Gormley/Cooper Union
Peter Zorn/Cleveland Institute of the Arts
Judson French/Johns Hopkins University
Milton Glaser/School of Visual Arts
Alan Fletcher/Pentagram
Bob Swinehart & Dan Boyarski/Carnegie-Mellon University
Nancy Skolos/Yale University
Maggy Cuesta/New World School of the Arts
Vernon Grant/Pratt Institute
Wendy Richmond/Harvard University
Michael Vanderbyl/California College of the Arts
Larry Keely/Doblin Group
Michael Carlebach/University of Miami
David Carson/David Carson Design
Federico Sandoval/Rutgers University
Christopher Wright/Virginia Commonwealth University
John Montgomery/Executive Sports
Jack Nicklaus/Golden Bear
Jim Delany/Big Ten Conference
Jerry Ippoliti/Mid American Conference
Jonathan LeCrone/Midwestern Collegiate Conference
Cary Groth/University of Nevada, Reno
Patricia Iglesias/Physician Corporation of America
Jose Farinos and Gary Koser/Indian River State College
Joe Gemignani, Photographer/Asheville, NC
Lawrence Kasdan/University of Michigan
Ruth McSween & Mike Howard/Navy UDT-Seal Museum
Sven Tumba/Sweden
Shawn Reilly/Rockland Boulders
Jason Frandsen/Grand Harbor Golf Club

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